Personal information protection policy

We understand your concerns about protecting your personal information.
This policy is intended to help you understand how MIC Medical Corporation (“the Company”) collects, uses and safeguards the information.
The Company has established a “Personal Information Protection Policy” (the “Policy”) to instruct our employees in the importance of personal information protection and the appropriate utilization of this information.

Collection and Use
The Company is a leading CRO in Japan providing total support for the development of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.
The Company has assisted world wide clients with services ranging from medical product development plans to filing regulatory applications.
The Company has a Personal Information Management System (the “System”) and will adjust the System as needed to meet each client’s specific needs.

We will use reasonable and appropriate efforts and measures to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal information.
We take these steps to protect the information from data leaks and misuse.
The Company will continually reinforce and expand existing safety measures.

Respect of Ownership
The Company respects the owner’s rights of the personal information.
Upon the owner’s request for disclosure, correction, deletion or use limitations of the personal information, the Company will reasonably comply with the request in accordance with publicly accepted norms and practices.

Compliance with Laws, Ordinances and Regulations
The Company shall handle personal information in compliance with laws, ordinances and other regulations applicable to the protection of personal information.
The Company shall modify its Policy on personal information protection as necessary to ensure compliance with laws, ordinances and regulations.
The Company will enforce, maintain and continually improve the Policy and may amend the Policy without notice.
Any changes or updates will be effective immediately upon posting to our web site.

Masanobu Mitsuhashi

President & CEO
MIC Medical Corporation
    October 1st, 2014